IrisCBD’s CBD Capsules (25mg): Premium Crafting and More

IrisCBD’s CBD Capsules (25mg): Premium Crafting and More

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When it comes to choosing a CBD product, you should always be mindful of a few things. Not only should you consider what product you are buying but who you are buying it from. At IrisCBD, we don’t cut any corners when it comes to quality. 

From growing to manufacturing, our 25 mg CBD capsules are the result of extensive CBD knowledge and hard work. Where does this passion come from? Well, we believe there are too many poor-quality products saturating the CBD market. Whether its cheap manufacturing methods or poor customer service, we are determined to fight against this and set a new global standard.

Find out more about how our ethos inspires the world’s best 25mg CBD capsules. 

Why Buy CBD Capsules in 25mg?

Many people are accustomed to seeing CBD oil online or on shop shelves. Capsules, while popular, are not as recognizable. Despite this, they are arguably an easier product to use and more beginner-friendly. And this is no different when it comes to our CBD capsules (25mg). Some of the main reasons for this are:

  • An accurate serving of CBD in each capsule
  • Easy-to-swallow gel lining
  • Consumption is less-intrusive than an oil
  • An easy product to take out of the house
  • Flavorless

Our 25mg CBD oil capsules are the perfect product. Not only are you consuming our premium oil formulation, but you don’t have to create a mess in the process. Using oils can often result in unequal measurements of CBD because each application requires precise measurement. Not only is this difficult to get right on every application, but it causes unneeded stress in the process.

 In contrast, capsules eliminate this worry. This is because each capsule contains an exact measurement of 25mg of CBD. Many customers also enjoy our capsules because they are more discreet than other CBD products. So, whether you want to consume one after the gym or before work, you can remain inconspicuous. 

So how about flavor? Well, we all know that CBD oils are infamous for their earthy and bitter taste. Some customers love it, and some customers hate it. The same can’t be said for CBD capsules. Because they are swallowed, there’s no risk of experiencing a bitter aftertaste or even dread of consuming it again. But CBD oil isn’t the only taste to be wary of. Even flavored oils and gummies, leave consumers feeling less than satisfied. This is because many companies use cheap and artificial flavors. We don’t think this is good for your body or your experience. 

The last thing we want is someone to be discouraged from using CBD simply because of the taste. Alas! Welcome capsules.

How to Use CBD Oil 25mg Capsules

One of CBD capsules' primary benefits is how easy and accessible they are, even for CBD newbies. And that’s exactly why we craft them in the first place; we believe CBD should be available to everyone. 

Using CBD capsules should be a familiar process for most people, and our CBD 25 mg gel caps are no different. 

Method: Like any other capsule, simply place on the tongue and swallow the product. You may need a glass of water or another liquid to help make the process as comfortable as possible. However, our gel lining does a great job of that too. 

When it comes to CBD, it's essential to create a routine. We always recommend using our capsules at the same time each day to ensure the capsules are as effective as possible. These capsules can be consumed either day or night, dependent on your daily schedule. And because we sell them in a small tub, they can be easily transported from place to place. 

Our CBD capsules are a genuinely flexible product, without having to sacrifice on the quality. So whether you need our hemp blend to help calm your nerves in the morning or stay focused throughout the day, they are available.  

Understanding CBD Softgels 25 mg: Capsules Vs. Softgels

We craft our 25mg CBD capsules with a soft gel lining so that they are easier than ever to swallow. But what exactly is the difference between regular capsules and softgels?

Softgels are typically made out of gelatin, water, an opacifier, and a plasticizer. In essence, they are designed to be softer to the touch and to the throat. However, you may find that they are more sensitive to heat changes because of their gel-like skin. That’s why we always recommend keeping our CBD capsules in a cool and dark environment. This helps preserve the quality of the product and make sure the capsules themselves don’t melt together. 

In contrast, regular capsules don’t tend to contain gelatin. This results in the traditional hard casing that you will likely come across before. This style of capsule can sometimes be uncomfortable to consume. And some people may find that they scratch the throat, making them difficult to swallow. 

At IrisCBD, we are all about convenience and comfort. That’s why we choose to make our premium capsules with a gel shell. If you are unused to consuming capsules, you may still find that a glass of water makes the process more enjoyable. 

Why IrisCBD’s (25mg) Capsules Means High Quality 

Every batch of our IrisCBD capsules (25 mg) is crafted with expertise and passion. This begins by sourcing premium hemp to use for manufacturing. 

We always make sure to use organic and non-GMO hemp. We do this to make sure our CBD capsules are free of any unnecessary chemicals. No-one wants to use a hemp-based product with the worry of pesticides and herbicides, and with us, you don’t have to. 

Aside from this, our capsules are made from a full-spectrum of cannabinoids. You may have seen a fierce online debate between CBD isolate and CBD full-spectrum. At IrisCBD, we respect the hemp plant by not interfering with its original structure. That’s why you can find a host of cannabinoids in our product, such as:

  • CBD 
  • CBG
  • CBDa
  • CBN
  • CBC

One of the benefits of full-spectrum products is the Entourage Effect. Many people believe this effect only occurs when multiple cannabinoids can work together and create a chemical fusion. As a result, it's widely considered to be a more effective way to consume CBD. But there is still much debate around this idea. 

Regardless, we believe our capsules are markedly high quality because they are full-spectrum. However, you might be curious about the THC levels in our product. This is something you never have to worry about with IrisCBD. We always stay under the 0.3% limitation. 

So, not only can we feel reassured and confident when using our product, but you can too!